Why is it Better to Elope?

1. The freedom to have your ceremony according to your tastes and style.

2. Save a ton of money that could be better used for a down payment on a house or similar investment.

3. More focus on the romance and excitement instead of traditions and pleasing your extended family.

4. Less stress, less pressure, less hassle, and fewer obligations.

Your wedding can.

Why Elope Bride
City Park elopement

when you ElopeToNola, you get the added benefits of…

1. Getting married in one of our charming and intimate micro-wedding locations.

2. Dining in style at an award-winning 5-star restaurant.

3. Staying in an unforgettable historic hotel that will make you feel like royalty.

4. Having your pictures taken by one of the best & most experienced wedding photographers in the city (Sorry for the humble brag)

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Tree of life elopement

but WHY ELOPE when you can have your

“dream wedding” in 4 simple steps:

1. Get engaged
2. Set a date
3. Pick a venue
4. Make a guest list

Sounds simple…right?

Actually…not so much. Let’s break the steps down.

1. Get engaged: Whoever made this the first step has a lot of nerve. This is more like the 10th part of the first step. First, you need to find someone to get engaged to. Preferably, someone you like and won’t murder when he leaves his dirty socks on the floor for the hundredth freaking time.

2. Set a date: Many couples struggle to find the perfect date to get married, but it’s not actually thaaat hard. Since it takes the average couple upwards of 18 months to plan their wedding, just pick a date about 2 years away.

Oh, and make sure it isn’t on a weekend during peak wedding season or you’ll likely have a date clash with one of your engaged friends. Oh, and make sure you clear the date with your 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen before sending out invitations. Oh and- one last thing- make sure you plan the date around your honeymoon so you don’t end up in Hawaii in December. The horror! That is…if you can afford a honeymoon after your extravagant wedding.

But that’s basically it! You don’t have a problem waiting 2 years to wear your 2,500 dress, right?

3. Pick a venue: This is the fun step. You and your hubby-to-be get to visit all of the beautiful wedding venues in your area. But remember…all of the best venues come with a hefty price tag. Before you even start to look at venues, you should make a list of ones you like and can afford. Then, go down the list and cross out every venue you have ever been to  for a wedding. There’s nothing tackier than getting married at the same venue as your friend from high school, amirite?

4. Make a guest list: AKA the longest list you’ve ever seen in your life because how in the world do you and your fiancé even know 400 people?? Come to think of it, that list does include all of your high school friends, Facebook friends, and mother-in-law’s co-workers…but wouldn’t it be rude not to invite them all?

When cutting down the list, prepare yourself for some tense family discussions. You may need to argue with your mom about why you don’t want to invite your 3rd cousin twice removed, Tracy. But…let’s be honest. You’ll probably give in at the end of the day so you don’t upset her.

Here comes the exciting newsYou don’t need to follow this process to have your “dream wedding.” Just ELOPE. Hear me out. I can see you rolling your eyes.

The stereotypes surrounding eloping have changed significantly over the last few decades. Eloping is no longer reserved for pregnant teenagers and star-crossed lovers. Today, couples who elope can have a beautiful, intimate ceremony in another city (*ahem, New Orleans*) with no stress or exorbitant costs. They truly are choosing to elope because they want to concentrate on themselves and not feel like they have to entertain witnesses.

Do you have a headache? Yeah…I thought you might. I do, too. Let’s take a break to go pop some Advil.

Are you back? Good. Because I have some pretty exciting news for you.

This journey to your “dream wedding” isn’t it, sis. All you’re really going to get out of is $30,000 in debt and a bunch of wedding pictures with guests you don’t even know. Before you try to argue…$30,000 is the average cost of a wedding in the United States and your wedding guests are definitely going to bring plus ones you’ve never met. The mystery guests might also drink too much and try to make a speech…but don’t worry! This has only happened to a handful of people I know…

Let me put it another way: You can have the real wedding of your dreams and fiiiinally marry the love of your life without worrying about pleasing everyone (I’m looking at you, cousin Tracy.)

When you ElopeToNola, you get the added benefits of…

1. Getting married in one of our jaw-droppingly gorgeous intimate New Orleans hidden gem locations

2. Dining in style at an award-winning 5-star restaurant

3. Staying in a luxurious historical hotel (which may or may not be haunted, hehe – JK)

4. Having your pictures taken by one of the best & most experienced wedding photographers in the city (Sorry for the humble brag)

Those are the real 4 simple steps to your dream wedding.

So…want to make it happen? Then check out ElopeToNola.com today for affordable and STRESS-FREE packages.

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